Who are we?

My Lady - Hlu PictureI am Hlunyiswa Matakane, affectionately known as Hlu or Hlunyi. I was born and raised kwaGqumahashe location in  a small town of Alice in the Eastern Cape. I too encountered the message of  salvation in high school that forever changed my life for the better. I spent my university years in Port Elizabeth where I actively worked out my salvation, it is at this point in my life where I built a solid relationship with the Lord. I established my career in various areas in the Eastern Cape until recently where I have relocated to the Western Cape.

I have always had a passion to help young women develop a  positive self-image and self-respect, in a safe environment where they can be their candid selves.  I have actively served in many leadership roles in and outside the church, this afforded me with the opportunity to interact with women of all ages.  My interaction gave me an inside view of where and when mine, our hurdles emanated from.  This is when my spark was directed towards young women, since then my focus and service has been directed to the growth and development of young women.

My Lady is a platform that will equip young women to be knowledgeable; well versed in the Word of God thus affording them access to pursue their purpose and press forward into the destiny they are called for. This space transcends the boundary of closed communities and cliques that of a physical setup. Young woman from all walks of life can partake and contribute to growth of one to another.

We will be growing, grooming and sharpening each other to be  Graceful, Refined and Fierce.

NtleI am Nontlantlantle Skenjana, commonly known as Nontlantla (and a lot of other nicknames including Ntle). I am a young woman from a village called Mjika in Tsolo in the Eastern Cape. I grew up, studied and started working in the Eastern Cape.  While in high school I had an encounter with the message of  salvation that forever changed my life. I spent my university years in Port Elizabeth before returning to East London to establish my career.

My interest in the empowerment of women is as old as I can remember so much that I joined a counselling class in Std 7 (Grade 9) and have participated in a number of  student development structures including the Peerhelp Programme and a Women in Student Leadership Programme that was funded by SIDA in varsity. In recent years I have been actively involved in youth programmes and mentorship groups in Church with a special focus on young women.

For me, My Lady is a much needed resource that will be able to reach many people in different spaces. I am hoping it will bring the much needed authenticity – real people dealing with real issues – into relationships and interactions so that people are fully inspired to life purposeful lives.

I hope you will enjoy this journey with us… As we BEGIN!



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