My Lady, you are crowned for Impact

My Lady,
As we close off the Month of Women, across the country there’s has been a host of gatherings in the name of Women; all seeking to establish and cement the force that we are in our very unique way.
The month may have ended but the journey continues. We are continually searching the language tao articulate who we are; so that the world would see us, hear us, feel us, recognise and accept all that we are.
The women before us have created a blue print for us to use as a guide, yet we question and justify ourselves citing that times have changed and things are not the same.
The truth is the more things change, the more they stay the same…
The battles they fought, and the victories they celebrated are the same as today. The dynamics may be different but the principle is consistent.

We mirror them in more ways than we thought possible. 


They are us and we are them.

We have the power and influence to reclaim our space and leave a lasting legacy that will be celebrated for generations to come. 
My Lady,  it all starts with you and I. Let’s hold our heads high and walk hand in hand uplift each other for an even greater impact.

Day 8 – 9 Days In August

It is about being conscious of the necessity to  perpetuate  the progress of this pearl, woman. Women’s day never fails to provoke and simultaneously excite me. Proven by the generations of women before me,  it reminds me of the enormous strength I possess as a woman, the power of my influence, the worthiness of my ideas , the validity of my dreams, the necessity of my courage , the sturdiness of my purpose,  the rock-solidness of my fiber.

It opens my eyes to the beauty and strides of my sisters, my tribe and cautions me against the common syndrome of looking down upon others. Simply, this day to me shouts live, laugh, be, shine, confront, replenish, learn, fight right, attempt, dream, enrich, contribute. 

Above all else it reminds me  to live my life and make an ineffaceable  mark such that the generation after me will be impacted and inspired.

Tabisa Mrwebi

Tabisa Speaks.

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Day 7 – 9 Days In August

What an exciting time to be alive as a young woman in this country where opportunities await for individuals that are self-driven, high-impact female leaders, individuals of passion, integrity and innovation who will be at the forefront of the continuing economic and social transformation in this region.

It’s time for our young ladies to “roll-up” their sleeves as there is a divine assignment entrusted to you to carry out here on earth.

Athila Mbete

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Day 6 – 9 Days in August

Since we are celebrating the Women of 1956 who were determined to see change in our country, women’s day to me means the following :
° Courage ° Resilience ° Strength ° Zeal ° Sacrifice ° Pioneering spirit
Remember the Lord your Creator in the days of your youth. You have been made in the image of God. Always remember who you are. Know your value and never judge yourself by your past mistakes. Always remember that what you do today you’re planting a seed to be harvested tomorrow, sow good seeds. Conduct yourself in a manner that will teach people how to treat you. Always remember ,you’re on earth for a reason,find that reason and live by it. God loves you ladies,your worth is more than rubies.
Pastor Lali Tokwe

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Day 5 – 9 Days in August

A Woman in you must show up not only today but when life presses you between a rock and hard place

When life hits you below the belt… being a Woman must show up

When life gives you a lump on your throat…being a Woman must show up

A Woman of COURAGE


And remember your other sisters whom you , young lady, must unite with. A petition on issues can only be done in WOMAN UNIFIED. 

Happy Women’s Day Ladies!

Mam’ Thabsile Kondlo

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