I AM ZUKILE R ‘alias Zakes Khulu’ MATAKANE

It couldn’t have been otherwise for there is  none like her…. The day itself could not accommodate her majestic history…
A time of awakening, revelation and introspection.  With the passing of Mam’Winnie and having listened to many who have shared their opinions and messages of condolences has made me sooo aware of my own limited thinking and ways.
Lebo Mashile said yesterday that “we need to be committed lifelong to the work of not just recording our stories but the stories of our mothers of our grandmothers of the women who have influenced us and impacted  our lives because without that it means that our legacies are left in the hands of people who hate us literally.”
The preservation of ones history is not a matter  to be taken lightly. It has the fibre, the DNA of who you are as a person. When you recognise that, even when you’re wondering and lost you can draw from that wealth and remember who you are.
Mam’Winnie knew she was the princess of Pondoland a beautiful black Xhosa women ( Aahh Nobandla!), that was ingrained in her and was not going to be swayed from that. Her truth was not going to bow down to power.
We’ve been saying “I am Winnie”, do we fully comprehend the depth of that? I for one want to explore it.
Few can break the shackles of the master …. A handful can look the monster in the eye.. Not all would lay their lives for the life of the nation
For now I’ll say “I am of the people” of Nomzamo Winifred Madikizela Mandela.
I am also of the people of Zukile R ‘alias Zakes Khulu’ Matakane.
I’ll start with recording My personal history…✊

2 thoughts on “I AM ZUKILE R ‘alias Zakes Khulu’ MATAKANE

  1. This is great,and shows that We (women) rather girls we should be brave,and it reminds us that it is good to ‘know yourself’. Thank you very much for this powerful message.


  2. I have been one of the women who could not bring myself to saying I am Winnie. I rather bed her fairwell. There was something to major about declaring something of that magnitude, I know understand why after reading this post.
    It has been really a time of awakening especially as a mother of a daughter myself, a single mother at that, a professional and a woman passionate about issues pertaining to women.
    I am of the people of Winnie Nomzamo Madikizela Mandela


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