Celebrating the gift of newness

Edits-95.jpgWhat a year it has been… We all could spend another day reflecting and have a multiple “If Only’s”
In just a few minutes we will have the miracle of a clean slate, yes a ‘miracle’.
It’s unfathomable how we’ve made it this far, throught it all. Now once again we can start afresh, everything has been made new.
If we think about it, this time of year is one of the very few opportunities we have to attempt genuinely to start anew.
Right after all the festivities that we were always waiting for to pass;we now can start to give way to our everyday lives. Best of all, it’s the start of a new week, we mostly say we’ll get on that diet; go to the gym; read that book when the week starts. This new chapter is perfectly positioned.
Take the time to think and pray about your the New Year..
You have the time and opportunity to position yourself for a Great Year..

My Lady, a graceful, refined & fierce New Year to you.

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