This Girl Wins Ticket Winners – Yolanda Mini


I believe that I am the best candidate to win the ticket for TGW because I am no average girl.

I am a genuine young lady of substance and the Lord is my personal saviour. I am not ashamed of the gospel and it is my aspiration to spread his word among nations, so all may be known to him. With my God, all things are possible and nothing is impossible when He is by my side. I am proud and content to be His daughter. My God never fails and this is why I am not your average girl.

I am a model student and I believe that you can achieve whatever you put your mind to. I understand that it is crucial to live an exemplary life in this era. My attributes are beneficial in the sense that they promote an influential life towards my peers and everyone around me. My vision is to see people raise empowered young women who will serve the Lord selflessly and later in my life, to be a part of such an initiative.

I hope you consider my application and allow me this opportunity to be empowered, during my youth. I would appreciate to attend this initiative, as it will broaden my knowledge on how to carry myself around as a young girl and brace me for life’s difficulties.

Yours sincerely,

Yolanda Mini

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