Day 8 – 9 Days In August

It is about being conscious of the necessity to  perpetuate  the progress of this pearl, woman. Women’s day never fails to provoke and simultaneously excite me. Proven by the generations of women before me,  it reminds me of the enormous strength I possess as a woman, the power of my influence, the worthiness of my ideas , the validity of my dreams, the necessity of my courage , the sturdiness of my purpose,  the rock-solidness of my fiber.

It opens my eyes to the beauty and strides of my sisters, my tribe and cautions me against the common syndrome of looking down upon others. Simply, this day to me shouts live, laugh, be, shine, confront, replenish, learn, fight right, attempt, dream, enrich, contribute. 

Above all else it reminds me  to live my life and make an ineffaceable  mark such that the generation after me will be impacted and inspired.

Tabisa Mrwebi

Tabisa Speaks.

#MyLadyGRF #9DaysInAugust


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