Day 3 – 9 Days In August

While we honour the leaders of this historic act of rebellion we must remember that the majority of these women were considered “ordinary woman” like you and me, meaning there’s no one that’s ever insignificant. Growing up as the only female child in a home of 6 boys as other children, it could have been easier to succumb to the feeling that there was no expectation for me to go as far I did and continue to go in my career; and now working in a male dominated field while still able to produce the same level of competence as my male counterparts. It’s Months and days like the 9th of august that I then remember being female doesn’t  mean i’m unable.  It just shows that through the unspoken “because you are female you cannot achieve this” mentality, I’m not alone and because of the other females who Won I’m also capable and can achieve it as well.

Being a female might mean you will work harder to be taken seriously as the male next to you, don’t take it to heart or as something you should be a victim of; instead embrace it, let it define the strength you are capable of possessing. The circumstances you were born into do not have to shape how your future will be, you have the power, the strength and intelligence to get out of that situation and change your generations to come. I refuse to believe we come to earth only to live in it, I believe every bad situation we face, you will face as a young lady as you grow; just as the generations before us faced and fought is for a purpose as great as this day. 

Mother Teresa once said… I know God will not give me anything I cant handle. I just wish that he didn’t Trust me so much……
As a Young Lady, 
Love being a women never let it intimidate you know you are  quite capable, understand that you are a Mbokodo in so many ways,  remind yourself of great inspirational women before who were put on the spot  and rose to the occasion, remind yourself of the story of Deborah from Judges 4 and 5…

It’s do-able Young And Beautiful Mbokodo

Dr Kazi Sukwana-Ncemane

#MyLadyGRF #9DaysInAugust


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