Who defines HER?

My Lady,

You see, the enemy knows who we are before we discover who we are. The enemy knows the power we possess when we come to the same knowledge. He fears what we might become that is why he launches a wide spread, calculated attack. There’s no more neutral territory, going with the flow and just trust that we’ll come out alive.
We cannot run away from the issue at hand, of what others are calling a genocide against womanhood. We have been bombarded with warnings of how we’re in danger as women and especially young women; now being female puts your life in danger.
Becoming who God created you to be is both your best offense and your best defense against the enemy’s attack. It has become now a matter of life and death to know who we are; what defines us. So we ask the big question: What SHOULD define HER? But most important and urgent –

Who defines HER?

“… and he brought HER to the man.” Genesis 2:22 NLT

Adam does not define her…

When the first lady met Adam in the form of Eve, she was already defined, refined, complete, in every sense. All he did was connect with her and name her. The name he gave was never going to reduce, deduce or change all that she is. She was complete, a finished work. There was nothing to be added or subtracted.

He found her complete. He may have recognised something of his in her, something similar to who he was; but she was never his to define because she was a finished workAdam didn’t contribute to her shape nor did he make suggestions of her form – her content. She was always God’s own product.
She is conceived and birthed by God. She belongs to Him, He makes her and He defines her still…
He is her Creator  Maker; Life giver,
He is her AuthorHe’s her content filler, Spirit breather.
He is her beginning, her end and all her intricate in-betweens are contributed solely by Him.
He intimately knows the specifics of her design.
She is ultimately made in His image and according to His likeness.
Watch this space as we explore, what it really means to be made in His Image and Likeness.
” So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.” Genesis 1:27 NKJV

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