My Lady,

Welcome to our blog, to the space where we will communally share the Word, interact, be empowered and guided on how to attain your best self -with the mission to fulfilling our individual calling as Young Women.

We are a generation of women where normal practice will not suffice, we are vibrant, inquisitive, outspoken and we seek to be heard and make a significant contribution in our sphere of influence.  God is awakening our individuality to open our eyes to what we can become. He is restoring spiritual sight so that we can be visionaries that will pursue our God given destiny, not only for ourselves but for others as well; and to enjoy the journey in Christ, in all seasons.

Join us in this adventure of self -discovery in Christ and why He calls us His own.

Much Love,

Hlu & Ntle

3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. This is a very good initiative ladies.
    Considering a lot of things that affect women at large more especially young ladies in our country. I am in support of this, I pray for prosperity and positive impact towards our young sisters.
    Phambili maqobokazana


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